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Bellafill has a special place in NLVAC. Dr. Krikorian and staff believe that is the filler that offers patients clearly the option for completely natural looking and long-lasting full liquid face lift. The unique feature is due to the microspheres [20% of initial volume] and Bovinecollagen [80% of volume] it utilizes to generate collagen production in injected patients. These microspheres gently fill in the depleted areas in the dermis to create a naturally smooth appearance. Unlike some fillers,after the 2-4 months needed to build body’s own collagen,Bellafilleffects do not break down over time and can last up to 10years. Safe and effective, a short course of Bellafill injections can produce results.

However, patients should remember that within 30 days or so the Bovine collagen gets broken down and replaced with patients own collagen over the next several months. So the expected dip in volume and appearance initially should not deter patients from using Bellafill, if they are wanting a long lasting normal looking and cost effective alternative to traditional fillers and building the skin collagen they have lost.

Not all patients are candidates for Bellafill.Those with previous injections with the shorter-lasting fillers are the best candidates for Bellafill, especially if they want to decrease the need for repeated injections and associated complications and cost.

After Bellafill injections one should expect some of the same complications seen with the shorter-lasting fillers but at a lower rate.

All consults for Bellafill are complimentary.