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Natural collagen production? Wrinkles don’t stand a chance!

As natural as wrinkles are, there is no reason to keep them around! With non-surgical hyaluronic acid “fillers,” a skilled physician can undo years of deepening lines in as little as one treatment. At St. Louis Vein & Endovascular, Dr. Krikorian works personally towards complete face rejuvenation by non-surgically removing the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. Dr. Krikorian’s treatments draw on a variety of state of the art dermal fillers and are always based on the individual needs of each patient.

NOTE: Dr. Krikorian personally performs all Filler injections

Where do dermal fillers work best?

Essentially all areas of the face, neck, hands and others could be targeted for problem solving. The practice of fillers has moved from the popular and classical smile line or marionette lines around mouth to a complete liquid face-lift application of Dermal Fillers done often in combination with neuromodulators (like Botox, Dysport or Xeomin) and collagen stimulation like RF based Sublative/Sublime. In fact using several types of procedures can create a synergistic effect by enhancing each others benefit for meaningful and appealing results.

The traditional and most popular fillers are based on hyaluronic acid, which binds all living creatures cells.As we live longer the hyaluronic acid disappears with time. Those are Juviderm, Restylane or Belotero and they on average last about 6-9 months. The new filler Voluma can last up to 2 years.

Radiesse is based on calcium microspheres. Like the hyaluronic acid based fillers it gives tissue tissues volume without bringing back permanently significant amount of collagen or texture. It lasts a year to 1.5 years.
All new consult for fillers are complimentary.

Bellafill– put your best face forward

St. Louis Vein & Endovascular offer a variety of collagen fillers chosen based on the needs of each individual patient. One of the most effective and lasting of these fillers is Bellafill  which distinguishes itself due to the unique microspheres it utilizes to generate collagen production. These microspheres gently fill in the depleted areas in the upper dermis to create a naturally smooth appearance. Unlike some fillers, Bellafill  does not break down over time. Safe and effective, a short course of Bellafill injections produce immediate results.  Almost immediately, once deep-set lines are smoothed out and eliminated. Like all St. Louis Vein & Endovascular fillers, Bellafill injections are personally administered by Dr. Krikorian to expertly improve a patient’s target areas.


Radiesse-a lasting answer to wrinkle reduction:

Wrinkles are at their worst when the skin’s natural elasticity gives way during the aging process. Radiesse addresses this decrease in facial volume by infusing sagging and depleted skin with calcium-based microspheres. Clinically proven to last a year or more, Radiesse is injected with an FDA-approved mix of lidocaine so that application is comfortable and the effects are long lasting.

Visit St. Louis Vein & Endovascular today to learn which dermal filler can help you revisit the face of your youth while retaining the wisdom that only comes with age!