Bleeding from the Legs: A Sign That You Need to Visit Dr. Krikorian


When Alan’s leg started bleeding, with no visible wound, he almost panicked. His wife, Barbara, was a quick thinker. She made him sit down with his leg elevated. She applied pressure to his leg before calling their doctor. Their doctor told them to come in immediately.

After a nerve-wracking drive, they met with their doctor. There she examined Alan’s leg closely. Her diagnosis was a venous leg ulcer. She treated Alan’s leg for the immediate problem, but explained to them that they would need to see a specialist to treat the underlying issue: the venous leg ulcer. Their doctor gave Alan a referral to see Dr. Krikorian in nearby St. Louis.


A Problem Dr. Krikorian Has Seen Before


At his consultation, Dr. Krikorian told Alan that he was not the first patient to suffer unexpected bleeding. It is a fairly common result of leg ulcers. This was reassuring to both Alan and Barbara, who feared that such a strange and sudden medical problem might be too rare to treat.

Before prescribing a treatment program tailored specifically to Alan, Dr. Krikorian examined the area using an ultra sound. This, he explained, would allow him to see exactly where the venous ulcer was and how serious it was. After his examination, Dr. Krikorian decided that a radiofrequency ablation would be the best solution to Alan’s leg woes.

Alan found himself reassured by Dr. Krikorian’s level of experience. Throughout the whole consultation, he remained calm and explained to Alan in clear terms what he was looking at in the ultrasound. Usually, Alan is nervous before medical procedures, but Dr. Krikorian had put most of his worries to rest. He was also very reassured by the fact that Dr. Krikorian himself would be performing the procedure.


Radiofrequency Ablation: A Simple Solution to a Serious Problem

The radiofrequency ablation went off without a hitch. Barbara accompanied Alan, and both were impressed at how professional Dr. Krikorian was during the whole procedure. Local anesthesia was used to numb Alan’s leg, so that a catheter could be inserted into the vein. Dr. Krikorian used an ultra sound to help him find the targeted vein. He released a burst of radiofrequency energy into only the targeted vein, not the surrounding area. The radiofrequency caused the ulcer to collapse.


There was almost no downtime required for Alan, except the time it took to regain feeling in his leg again. Before leaving, Dr. Krikorian and his staff made sure that Alan understood exactly what was required to ensure proper healing. Alan was surprised by the simple requirements: Establish a solid walking regimen and wear compression stockings.


Both Alan and Barbara were relieved when the procedure was finished. They couldn’t believe that such a terrifying experience could be solved with such a simple and relatively painless procedure. And now, every evening, they enjoy a walk through the park.