Failed Valves and Loose Skin

varicose veins
The aging process of our body is a regrettably unavoidable factor of the culmination of years on this earth. And in some ways, life wouldn’t be as memorable, fun and worthy of reminiscing about if it weren’t for living, learning and again. Of course, a lot of the factors of aging are very much down to our luck with genetics. There are people who manage to keep their hair until their later twilight years of life, whilst others are unfortunate enough to begin losing their crop before they even reach middle age. Male pattern baldness is just one genetically influenced syndrome associated with aging – greying hairs, wrinkles, loss of metabolism and even varicose veins are all genetically linked to our family history.


Fortunately, for a lot of these physical and aesthetic flaws associated with aging the staff at St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre in St. Louis can offer various solutions. Organising a consultation with the head clinician, Dr. Krikorian, will allow you to bring up your requests and concerns in a professional and equitable environment. Utilising state of the art technology, the team at St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre are able to solve a large number of your aesthetic dilemmas.


Varicose and Spider Veins

As we age, things inevitably begin to break down. Just like an old car begins to suffer and the pipes in an old house start to shake and clatter, the pipes in our bodies can do the same. Throughout our body’s blood transport system, small valves work to prevent the blood from pooling in certain areas, especially in the lower extremities like the legs. As we get older, these valves begin to fail, allowing blood to pool up and out – creating the blue puffy appearance of varicose veins. The St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre offers many different treatments for varicose veins, and the related spider veins. During your consultation, Dr. Krikorian will go through your family and medical history, and identify a personalised and most appropriate treatment plan for your goals.


Wrinkled and Sagging Skin


Just like our inner tubes begin to suffer through old age, so too does our exterior. If you consider the length of time and the roughness of the environment we reside in, it’s quite amazing that our skin doesn’t just shrivel up and flake off before we turn 40. The aging of our skin is unfortunately unavoidable – the collagen breaks down as we get older, creating the wrinkled and sagging appearance of the senior population. Fortunately, there are many different treatment options for different effects. Dermal fillers like Botox work wonders in reinvigorating the face by re-adding volume and shape to your features, whilst dermal abrasion and laser sessions will reignite the collagens strength in your skin cells, creating a firmer and more shapely face.


Whatever your end result or goal, the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre serves as the premier stop for aesthetic and vein related procedures and services. Booking a consultation is quick and easy, and with Dr. Raffi Krikorian and his team looking out for your end goal and health, you couldn’t be in a better position.

Demystifying Some of the Harsher Words of Aesthetic Procedures

Demystifying Some of the Harsher Words of Aesthetic Procedures

Beauty is pain. From the beginning of mankind, we adorned ourselves and forced ourselves through painful procedures in order to look more beautiful to our fellow man or woman. Ancient tribes used to cover themselves in painful tattoos in order to demonstrate rank, social status and create beauty. Others would pierce their body in various places with bones and sticks for the same purpose. Even as technology developed and society grew, we still put ourselves through pain as women forced themselves to suffer the pain and discomfort of corsets to shrink their waists, and the binding of feet to shrink their feet. Today, we still see this sort of pain people put themselves through with the piercings and tattoos of the past as well as the weight lifting and exercise of a more modern society.

It comes as no surprise then that a variety of other aesthetic treatments exist with names that, to the uninitiated, may strike notions of pain and intense discomfort. Chemical peels, injections and laser surgery may sound as though they’d fit comfortably in a torture kit, but are in fact some of the more demure and painless things people do to themselves in the pursuit of beauty in today’s world. These treatments are available at the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre in St. Louis, a centre dedicated to the improvement of their patient’s aesthetic appearances. If you have any concerns with some of the treatments, read through these explanations – any further queries can be easily answered by Dr. Krikorian, the head clinician, during an easily organised consultation.

Chemical Peels

Despite the name suggesting the washing of the face with an intense acid bath, chemical peels are in fact simple treatments that create only a minimal discomfort. So little is felt, in fact, that no anaesthetics are given before the treatment. Chemical peels are a very weak acid that are applied to the face in order to slough off the dead skin cells. This works to improve and smooth the skins texture leaving it smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.

Facial Injections

Obviously, the thought of shoving needles into or near to your face is anything but calming. The whole concept of facial injections is enough to put fear in most people – however it is a relative simple and quick procedure. It known that the experience of the practising clinician will directly relate to the pain and success of the treatment – with over a quarter of a century of medical experience, Dr. Krikorian, the head of the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre, is able to provide his patients with a relatively pain free and successful treatment.

Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLT)

This is a double whammy – we not only have an acronym in EVLT, but also something that involves lasers. Thanks to James Bond and sci-fi movies, lasers exist somewhat in the realm of fantasy, conjuring up imagines of burning holes and instant disintegration when the reality of it is in fact much tamer. Endovenous laser ablation is an extremely simple and quick procedure. A local anaesthetic is used, removing the possibilities of pain, and you are able to walk out of the surgery and drive home after the treatment.

The St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre focuses on providing safe and effective treatment for a variety of different aesthetic pursuits. Whilst some pursuits of beauty can be accompanied by pain and discomfort, the treatments that Dr. Krikorian and his team offer are simple and painless – despite their often misleading names. Organise a consultation with Dr. Krikorian at the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre to learn more about treatments specifically for you.

Hiding and Masking Your Features Doesn’t Have to Be a Negative

Hiding and Masking Your Features Doesn’t Have to Be a Negative

No one should ever feel as though they need to hide a part of themselves – we should all feel beautiful and happy in our skin. Unfortunately, as is the case so often, life just isn’t fair. When you decide something needs to change, the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre are here to offer you a variety of treatment options for the solving of your problems.

Tattoo Removal

Whilst you can admit that it was your silly decision to get a tattoo, full knowing that it was meant to be permanent and you would have it forever, everyone makes mistakes. To hold it against someone is just not right – but unfortunately visible tattoos are still somewhat of a stigma in our society. Fortunately, the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre offer specialist treatment options for the removal of tattoos using the latest and greatest in laser technology. Utilising Astanza Revolution technology, Dr. Krikorian and his staff are able to formulate a personal and customized treatment based on the unique features of your tattoo in order to remove it to the fullest possibility, with great results.

Varicose Veins

Whilst tattoos are your own fault to admit, varicose and spider veins are often an unfortunate by-product of the genetic material you have inherited from your family. When the valves in the lower extremities begin to fail, the blood previously being pumped through your body begins to pull in your veins, causing them to bulge out as unsightly lumps and squiggly lines in the form of varicose veins. The St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre offer a variety of treatments for problem veins, including ultrasound guide sclerotherapy, ambulatory phlebectomy and the patented VeinGogh treatment.

Hand Rejuvenation

No one likes getting old, but it is an unfortunate and necessary evil. Whilst some of us seem to age slower than others, either by virtue of luck or good and healthy living, in the end age always catches up. Certain signs and physical symptoms of aging can affect any part of your body, but one part that seems to experience a good brunt of the load is the hands. Partly due to the extended exposure to life, our hands will begin to almost season as we age, showing up with darkened age spots and a general loss of fatty tissue. Use a combination of different treatments, the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre are able to provide effective hand rejuvenation treatment to effectively turn back the hands of time.

Whilst everyone should show off their features with pride and a sense of worth, nothing should stop them seeking treatment for features they do not want or like. Dr. Krikorian and his staff are able to offer a range of safe and effective treatment options for your aesthetic requirements, in its state of the art St. Louis clinic. Organise a consultation today to see how Dr. Krikorian can demonstrate his long medical experience for you.

Looking Good with Help from Science

Looking Good with Help from Science

Looking good takes hard work. Not just simple hard work like carrying bricks or cleaning a house, but hard, mentally taxing work that can be exhaustive. Going to the gym and pounding away at weights is painful and tiring. Going for extended jogging sessions for cardiovascular health and weight loss is exhausting and mentally challenging. Eating healthy or refraining from eating when you are hungry can be painful and uncomfortable. But we do these things in order to look good, and feel good.

Whilst there are no quick fixes for some aspects of looking aesthetically good, such as muscular form and weight, there are fortunately a few areas where we can utilise science and technology in order to look our best. Utilising the latest in technology and at the cutting edge of expertise, the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre in St. Louis provide a variety of different procedures that will allow you to look as beautiful as you feel inside. Whether it is vein treatment or skin treatments, Dr. Krikorian, the lead surgeon at the centre, is able to provide the best care in a personal and safe manner, using his quarter century of medical experience.

Some of the procedures available at the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre include:

Varicose and Spider Vein Treatments

When the valves that move the blood through our body begin to age and seize up, they allow blood to pool and create the unsightly bulging of veins known as varicose veins. Utilising specialist treatments such as sclerotherapy, endovenous laser ablation, radiofrequency ablation and more, Dr. Krikorian and his team are able to offer a safe and efficient procedure suited perfectly to your specific requirements, allowing your skin to show smooth and vein free with very little down time.

Dermal Fillers

When we can send mankind into space, there is no reason to stand by and live with wrinkles on your face – and the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre can easily provide solutions to help you rid yourself of wrinkles. Dermal fillers are a unique microsphere used through injection into various areas of your skin in order to active the generation of collagen and remove wrinkles. Dr. Krikorian has many years of experience with dermal fillers, one of the most important aspects of successful treatment.

Dysport and Botox

A real quick fix for wrinkles and fine lines, botox, dysport and other related treatments have often been called a ‘knife-free facelift’, and if you ever look at before and after photos it is pretty clear that is an accurate observation. By injecting a tiny dose of the drug into specific and targeted areas, the muscle is sent signals to relax, preventing it from contracting and allowing wrinkles to fade away and the shape to return.

Dr. Krikorian is a renowned cardiologist and doctor with many years of experience, but his real drive is the successful applications of the services offered at the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre in order to satisfy his patients.

You Don’t Have to Live with Achy, Restless Legs


Shortly after having her second child, Marie noticed a dull aching in her legs. It often got worse when she tried to sleep, giving her the sensation that her legs were heavy. With two young children, Marie’s sleep was often interrupted. This meant that those few hours of rest she could get were precious to her. However, she found it hard to sleep, with this constant pain and sensation that she needed to move.

For the most part, Marie ignored it, not wanting to worry her husband and too busy caring for her young children. However, one day, her husband remarked, ‘Dear, your ankles look swollen, are you okay?’ She confessed that her legs had been bothering her for sometime and her husband insisted she go to the doctor.


What Was the Cause?


Marie had assumed that her problem was nerve related. Perhaps she had a pinched nerve or had pulled a muscle. The explanation her doctor gave, however, was one she would not have guessed.

‘The cause was likely varicose veins,’ her doctor explained. ‘These are veins which do not allow the blood to flow properly, and so blood often ends up being pulled by gravity down to the feet. It is not an uncommon problem, and often happens to women after childbirth.’ After this revelation, Marie’s doctor gave her a referral for one of the best vein doctors in the St. Louis area, Dr. Krikorian.


The Consultation

At her consultation, Dr. Krikorian examined Marie’s varicose veins. He determined that her varicose veins were embedded deep within her legs. To get a better look, he ordered an ultra sound to determine the severity of her varicose veins. After viewing the ultra sound, Dr. Krikorian tailored a treatment program just for Marie.


A Painless Way to Remove Pain


Dr. Krikorian decided that the best way to solve Marie’s aching and restless legs was to perform an endovenous laser ablation (EVLT). This procedure has a 98% success rate, and Marie became one of those 98%. Dr. Krikorian used an ultra sound to help guide him to the correct veins, where he used a laser to seal them off. The now sealed off varicose veins would eventually be absorbed into Marie’s body. After the hour long procedure, Marie was able to go home, with orders to walk often to help her body heal.


Does It Work?

After the procedure, Marie noticed a remarkable difference in her legs. She was able to stand and sit for long periods of time without feeling a dull ache. Her ankles no longer swelled, allowing her socks and shoes to fit comfortable again. At night, her legs didn’t keep her awake at night with an achy, restless feeling. Marie couldn’t believe she had waited so long to get treated. She was finally able to rest comfortably and enjoy the day without dedicating a large amount of energy to ignoring the pain in her legs.

Hand Rejuvenation: A Fountain of Youth?


Clarissa loves art. She has spent most of her sixty years in her studio painting and sculpting. In the course of her artistic endeavors, she has exposed her hands to many different types of chemicals. As she has aged, her hands have begun to show natural wear and tear. However the harshness of the paints and sculpting material has aged her hands much faster then those of her friends. It seems to her that while her friends’ hands look a little wrinkly, her hands are discolored and bony. Recently, she has become embarrassed by the ‘age’ spots on her hands. She has begun to dread even the simplest act of passing a credit card to a cashier, because it will show her hands. While painting, she finds herself distracted by the discoloration and aging of her hands and skin. She doesn’t want to be vain, but she can’t help but feel less comfortable while out in public. She feels like everyone is staring at her hands.


A Helpful Gift

Clarissa’s daughter, Mary, noticed her mother asking about her hands. The two are close, and she realized that the aging in her mother’s hands was affecting her quality of life. After some research, Mary found Dr. Krikorian, located in nearby St. Louis. He offers a service that she thought might be helpful to her mother: Hand Rejuvenation. Mary made an appointment for her mother and offered to drive her there. While her mother was hesitant at first, she finally agreed.

At the appointment, Dr. Krikorian explained that because our hands are exposed to so many different elements, they tend to age first. This aging was sped up by Clarissa’s hobbies. Dr. Krikorian reassured Clarissa that he could help make her hands appear youthful again-with a combination of radiesse and chemical peels. After showing Clarissa a series of before and after photos, Clarissa agreed to make an appointment.


To Be Young Again

Mary drove her mother to her appointment. She was there with her while her mother first received the radiesse treatment and the chemical peel. The procedure was quick and relatively painless. There was no ‘recovery period’ and the two were able to walk out of the office together. Once the procedure was completed, neither could believe how beautiful and youthful Clarissa’s hands appeared. It was as if a decade of wear and tear had been removed from them.

Now, when Clarissa is painting she finds herself still staring at her hands-but for a different reason. She can’t help but admiring how young her hands look. Even her friends are impressed by the results, and several of them have made similar appointments with Dr. Krikorian.


Don’t Unsightly Spider Veins Cause You More Pain


Every weekend, Mathew plays racquetball with several of his friends. However, as his age has increased, so have the spider veins on his leg. In his younger years, he had no fear of wearing shorts when he went out to play. However, he recently found himself embarrassed by their appearance. To counteract this, he found himself wearing pants more often. While in general this was fine, it was starting to his racquetball. Wearing pants inside the hot gym caused him to overheat much more often, exhausting him much faster. When the spider veins began affecting his favorite sport, Mathew knew that he had do something about them.


Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis Can Help


At the recommendation of a friend, Mathew made an appointment to see Dr. Krikorian at the New Look Vein & Aesthetics Center. He had never been to a doctor that specialized in veins, and didn’t know what to expect. However, once he got there, he was pleasantly surprised. His first meeting with Dr. Krikorian went smoothly. Mathew was impressed by the man’s professional, but relatable attitude.

After giving Mathew’s legs a quick once over, Dr. Krikorian explained that they would need to check to determine if the spider veins were a result of vein varicosity. That was a term Mathew had never heard before, and he was shocked to learn that varicose veins can lead to serious health problems. What he had thought had been just a matter of vanity could actually have been a sign of a potentially serious health concern.

Thankfully for Mathew, the spider veins were simply spider veins. A course of sclerotherapy was ordered for Mathew. This involved a simple injection of sclerosant into his spider veins, causing them to collapse. His body eventually absorbed the collapsed veins, and his unsightly spider veins were gone. The procedure was quick, and didn’t hurt nearly as much as Mathew feared it would. Mathew was also relieved that the procedure could be preformed right in Dr. Krikorian’s office, meaning Mathew wouldn’t have to travel far from his home in St. Louis.


Valuable Knowledge Passed On


A few weeks later, Mathew’s friend was complaining about spider veins in his legs as well. Mathew remembered what Dr. Krikorian had told him, about spider veins being a sign of varicose veins. Mathew relayed the information to his friend, encouraging him to go to Dr. Krikorian’s office in St. Louis. Like Mathew, his friend was friend was shocked to find out that spider veins could be more serious then just a matter of vanity.

After his consultation, Mathew’s friend called to thank him for the recommendation. It turns out that for him, the spider veins had actually been a sign of serious varicose veins. He was going to have to undergo an ultrasound guided sclerotherapy. After the surgery, Mathew’s friend was astonished. Not only were his spider veins gone, but so the aching and restlessness in his legs.

Could Your Rash Be Varicose Veins?


Max had been dealing with itchy legs for a long while. The more he scratched, the more a patch of red skin appeared. Max was an avid hiker, and so he assumed he had gotten poison ivy or something similar. However, after an over the counter treatment, the rash not only stayed, but seemed to grow. When the surrounding skin began to grow dry and flaky, Max went to his doctor. Surprisingly, the doctor said it wasn’t a skin rash, but a deeper problem: Varicose veins.


A Visit to Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis


Still doubtful of his doctor’s opinion, Max went to visit Dr. Krikorian at the New Look & Vein Aesthetic Center in St. Louis. There, Dr. Krikorian confirmed what Max’s doctor originally stated: Varicose veins were the problem. Max’s itchy and dry skin was not a fungal infection or allergic reaction, it was veins close to the surface of his skin. Because Max had never heard of varicose veins before, Dr. Krikorian explained to him that it was a result of damaged or abnormal veins in his legs that could no longer push blood to his heart. This led to a pooling of blood in Max’s legs, which was the source of his itching. Dr. Krikorian gave Max a list of symptoms of varicose veins, and asked Max if he also experienced these.


Max was shocked to see ‘Aching Legs’ and ‘Ankle Swelling.’ While he had noticed these fairly minor symptoms in his legs, he hadn’t thought much of them. He would never have guessed that they were related to his itchy rash. Max had always attributed the swollen ankles to a poor diet, and the aching legs were due to his age on the days he walked more often. Dr. Krikorian explained to him that all these symptoms were interconnected, and could be solved with a simple ambulatory phlebectomy.


What Is an Ambulatory Phlebectomy?


As Max had never heard of varicose veins, he had also never heard of an ambulatory phlebectomy. Dr. Krikorian explained to Max, in detail, what he could expect from the minor surgery. The incision would be so small stitches would not be required, and the damaged vein would be removed. Max was assured he would be able to resume his normal activities the very next day, and the scar, if there was one, would be small.

Max agreed to the surgery, and was impressed by how quickly an ambulatory phlebectomy could be performed. In almost no time at all, Max was back at his house.

Following the ambulatory phlebectomy, Max dutifully followed the aftercare regimen, which involved keeping the wound clean as well as walking a lot. Max was shocked to realize that his legs were no longer sore after long walks. His ankles stopped swelling as well. And best of all, Max’s legs were no longer itchy or dry. His rash disappeared and he was finally able to get sit or stand comfortably again.

Bleeding from the Legs: A Sign That You Need to Visit Dr. Krikorian


When Alan’s leg started bleeding, with no visible wound, he almost panicked. His wife, Barbara, was a quick thinker. She made him sit down with his leg elevated. She applied pressure to his leg before calling their doctor. Their doctor told them to come in immediately.

After a nerve-wracking drive, they met with their doctor. There she examined Alan’s leg closely. Her diagnosis was a venous leg ulcer. She treated Alan’s leg for the immediate problem, but explained to them that they would need to see a specialist to treat the underlying issue: the venous leg ulcer. Their doctor gave Alan a referral to see Dr. Krikorian in nearby St. Louis.


A Problem Dr. Krikorian Has Seen Before


At his consultation, Dr. Krikorian told Alan that he was not the first patient to suffer unexpected bleeding. It is a fairly common result of leg ulcers. This was reassuring to both Alan and Barbara, who feared that such a strange and sudden medical problem might be too rare to treat.

Before prescribing a treatment program tailored specifically to Alan, Dr. Krikorian examined the area using an ultra sound. This, he explained, would allow him to see exactly where the venous ulcer was and how serious it was. After his examination, Dr. Krikorian decided that a radiofrequency ablation would be the best solution to Alan’s leg woes.

Alan found himself reassured by Dr. Krikorian’s level of experience. Throughout the whole consultation, he remained calm and explained to Alan in clear terms what he was looking at in the ultrasound. Usually, Alan is nervous before medical procedures, but Dr. Krikorian had put most of his worries to rest. He was also very reassured by the fact that Dr. Krikorian himself would be performing the procedure.


Radiofrequency Ablation: A Simple Solution to a Serious Problem

The radiofrequency ablation went off without a hitch. Barbara accompanied Alan, and both were impressed at how professional Dr. Krikorian was during the whole procedure. Local anesthesia was used to numb Alan’s leg, so that a catheter could be inserted into the vein. Dr. Krikorian used an ultra sound to help him find the targeted vein. He released a burst of radiofrequency energy into only the targeted vein, not the surrounding area. The radiofrequency caused the ulcer to collapse.


There was almost no downtime required for Alan, except the time it took to regain feeling in his leg again. Before leaving, Dr. Krikorian and his staff made sure that Alan understood exactly what was required to ensure proper healing. Alan was surprised by the simple requirements: Establish a solid walking regimen and wear compression stockings.


Both Alan and Barbara were relieved when the procedure was finished. They couldn’t believe that such a terrifying experience could be solved with such a simple and relatively painless procedure. And now, every evening, they enjoy a walk through the park.

Above And Beyond The Call Of Medical Licensure

When we visit a doctor, many of us usually just trust he or she is good at what they do.  Many of us are intimidated by physicians, and don’t bother even checking their credentials.  This is a big mistake, and often a regrettable one.  Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis is a doctor who encourages his potential patients to check him out, because he wants them to be comfortable in their decision choosing him, and to be assured that he is indeed, very good at what he does.


Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis –The Diplomat


When researching Dr. Krikorian’s credentials, you will see a long list of certifications, among them being a Diplomat in numerous specialties.  Sounds impressive, and it is, but do you understand exactly what it means to be a Diplomat? A Diplomat is a physician who has earned a board certification in certain specialties, and this requires on-going education and training in those fields.  According to the American Board of Medical Specialties, a doctor who has a board certification provides “assurance of a physician’s expertise in a particular specialty and/or subspecialty of medical practice.


Board certification began back in the 1900s as many physicians began to move away from the general practice of medicine and gravitate toward specialties.  Board certifications were created to assess a doctor’s qualifications in whatever specialty he chose.  Every doctor, of course, must have a license to practice medicine, but this just indicates a ground-level competency in diagnosing and treating patients.  Any physician who has graduated from medical school, completed residency requirements, and has a license issued by the state in which he practices, can set up an office and treat patients.  But is this good enough for you?  It shouldn’t be.  A doctor who has board certifications has willingly participated in training and education that exceeds basic licensing requirements, allowing him to demonstrate exceptional knowledge and skill in his chosen specialty.  And Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis has this in several areas.


Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis Has the Skills


Dr. Krikorian is a Diplomat in the following specialties:


  • Phlebology
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Nuclear Cardiology
  • A Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.


Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis is also a registered Vascular Technician, and a Registered Physician  in Vascular Interpretation.   All of this still may sound overwhelming and a bit confusing, but be assured that all you really need to know is this – Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis is highly educated, exceptionally trained, and thoroughly knowledgeable in his field, all which immensely qualify him to examine, diagnose, and treat his patients using cutting-edge and 100% safe technology, combined with a caring, compassionate staff.


It is critically important that when visiting a doctor you research his education and qualifications.  Dr. Krikorian has extensive education and credentials, and now you understand how very important it is for a doctor to be a diplomat in his specialties.  He is the real deal – and you won’t find a better doctor in the field of vein treatment and cosmetic procedures than Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis.

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