Testimonial 3

Five Star ReviewI had suffered with varicose veins for years. I recently went to see Dr. Krikorian in his St. Louis vein center where he told me everything I needed to know about vein disease and the treatment options. He performed a laser ablation on my diseased vein, and I was able to resume my normal activity the day after my procedure. I went for a 2 mile walk the very next day – with no pain!

Testimonial 2

Five Star ReviewMy daughter could not believe how good my legs looked! She is going to see Dr. Krikorian too. I was completely satisfied with my treatment and am no longer in pain. The result is fantastic and I highly recommend this type of treatment.

Testimonial 1

Five Star ReviewDr. Krikorian performed a laser ablation to treat the vein disease in my right leg. I didn’t even realize how much my left leg hurt from varicose veins until he fixed my right leg! I thought the treatment would be painful, so I was so pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t. My leg is feeling so much better!