Choosing a Vein Doctor in St. Louis

Choosing a Vein Doctor, Step by Step

Choosing a vein doctor to treat your varicose veins can feel intimidating, but following these simple guidelines can make the selection much more comfortable and improve your confidence during the process.

Do Your Research

Research providers in advance. Look at reviews submitted online by their patients, search the internet for their name and practice to see if there is any negative media or publicity, and carefully review their website to learn which services are offered. You can also check the clinic’s better business bureau score to ensure they handle complaints quickly and appropriately.

If you’ve been referred by your primary care provider, ask if and why he or she recommends a particular vein doctor.

Ask the Right Questions

Before your appointment, prepare questions that you have about the clinic, doctor, or your treatment plan. Bring these questions with to your appointment. When you’re with the doctor, it’s easy to forget your questions if you don’t plan them in advance.

Some helpful questions include:

  • Are you board certified? Board certified vein doctors meet stringent guidelines to keep their education on sclerotherapy and other vein treatments¬† and conditions up to date.
  • How many times have you done this procedure? This can help you gain insight on the doctor’s level of experience and comfort.
  • How can I reach staff after hours if there are complications following the procedure? It’s important to know in advance that you will be able to reach somebody in an emergency.
  • Do you accept my insurance, and what will be my out-of-pocket expense for the course of treatment you recommend? Learning more about cost can assist you in comparing clinics quantitatively.
  • Do you have some before and after pictures of patients you’ve treated that you would be willing to share?

Compare and Contrast

After taking notes at your consultation appointments, compare and contrast the doctors you visited with. Some factors to consider include bedside manner, qualifications, accessibility, experience, office cleanliness, and cost.

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