Conservative Treatment

Conservative Treatment
St. Louis Vein Experts - Conservative Treatment

What is Conservative Treatment?

Conservative treatments are referred to as non-invasive ways to alleviate the symptoms of vein disease without medications or surgery. These can include:

  • Compression stockings – These are elastic garments that are worn on the legs to compress the limbs and improve blood circulation. Compression stockings can completely prevent or slow the progression of vascular diseases.
  • Diet changes – A diet deficient in fiber can be correlated with venous problems. An increase in fiber intake and maintaining a balanced, healthy diet can help to maintain vascular function and overall health.
  • Increased exercise – A lifestyle of walking and exercise can also help improve the circulation of blood throughout your body.

Is Conservative Treatment Right for Me?

These conservative therapies may be suggested in several combinations. The treatments and their results may vary depending on the individual. To determine the best treatment for you, factors such as your overall health, medical history, and specific vein condition will be considered.

Conservative treatments can surely slow the advancement of vein diseases but cannot completely prevent vascular conditions. They are also a possible solution for patients who do not want or do not qualify for other invasive procedures. After the treatments and after varicose veins are removed, improving circulation, diet, and muscle tone are some of the best ways to prevent additional development.