Don’t Unsightly Spider Veins Cause You More Pain


Every weekend, Mathew plays racquetball with several of his friends. However, as his age has increased, so have the spider veins on his leg. In his younger years, he had no fear of wearing shorts when he went out to play. However, he recently found himself embarrassed by their appearance. To counteract this, he found himself wearing pants more often. While in general this was fine, it was starting to his racquetball. Wearing pants inside the hot gym caused him to overheat much more often, exhausting him much faster. When the spider veins began affecting his favorite sport, Mathew knew that he had do something about them.


Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis Can Help


At the recommendation of a friend, Mathew made an appointment to see Dr. Krikorian at the New Look Vein & Aesthetics Center. He had never been to a doctor that specialized in veins, and didn’t know what to expect. However, once he got there, he was pleasantly surprised. His first meeting with Dr. Krikorian went smoothly. Mathew was impressed by the man’s professional, but relatable attitude.

After giving Mathew’s legs a quick once over, Dr. Krikorian explained that they would need to check to determine if the spider veins were a result of vein varicosity. That was a term Mathew had never heard before, and he was shocked to learn that varicose veins can lead to serious health problems. What he had thought had been just a matter of vanity could actually have been a sign of a potentially serious health concern.

Thankfully for Mathew, the spider veins were simply spider veins. A course of sclerotherapy was ordered for Mathew. This involved a simple injection of sclerosant into his spider veins, causing them to collapse. His body eventually absorbed the collapsed veins, and his unsightly spider veins were gone. The procedure was quick, and didn’t hurt nearly as much as Mathew feared it would. Mathew was also relieved that the procedure could be preformed right in Dr. Krikorian’s office, meaning Mathew wouldn’t have to travel far from his home in St. Louis.


Valuable Knowledge Passed On


A few weeks later, Mathew’s friend was complaining about spider veins in his legs as well. Mathew remembered what Dr. Krikorian had told him, about spider veins being a sign of varicose veins. Mathew relayed the information to his friend, encouraging him to go to Dr. Krikorian’s office in St. Louis. Like Mathew, his friend was friend was shocked to find out that spider veins could be more serious then just a matter of vanity.

After his consultation, Mathew’s friend called to thank him for the recommendation. It turns out that for him, the spider veins had actually been a sign of serious varicose veins. He was going to have to undergo an ultrasound guided sclerotherapy. After the surgery, Mathew’s friend was astonished. Not only were his spider veins gone, but so the aching and restlessness in his legs.