Hand Rejuvenation: A Fountain of Youth?


Clarissa loves art. She has spent most of her sixty years in her studio painting and sculpting. In the course of her artistic endeavors, she has exposed her hands to many different types of chemicals. As she has aged, her hands have begun to show natural wear and tear. However the harshness of the paints and sculpting material has aged her hands much faster then those of her friends. It seems to her that while her friends’ hands look a little wrinkly, her hands are discolored and bony. Recently, she has become embarrassed by the ‘age’ spots on her hands. She has begun to dread even the simplest act of passing a credit card to a cashier, because it will show her hands. While painting, she finds herself distracted by the discoloration and aging of her hands and skin. She doesn’t want to be vain, but she can’t help but feel less comfortable while out in public. She feels like everyone is staring at her hands.


A Helpful Gift

Clarissa’s daughter, Mary, noticed her mother asking about her hands. The two are close, and she realized that the aging in her mother’s hands was affecting her quality of life. After some research, Mary found Dr. Krikorian, located in nearby St. Louis. He offers a service that she thought might be helpful to her mother: Hand Rejuvenation. Mary made an appointment for her mother and offered to drive her there. While her mother was hesitant at first, she finally agreed.

At the appointment, Dr. Krikorian explained that because our hands are exposed to so many different elements, they tend to age first. This aging was sped up by Clarissa’s hobbies. Dr. Krikorian reassured Clarissa that he could help make her hands appear youthful again-with a combination of radiesse and chemical peels. After showing Clarissa a series of before and after photos, Clarissa agreed to make an appointment.


To Be Young Again

Mary drove her mother to her appointment. She was there with her while her mother first received the radiesse treatment and the chemical peel. The procedure was quick and relatively painless. There was no ‘recovery period’ and the two were able to walk out of the office together. Once the procedure was completed, neither could believe how beautiful and youthful Clarissa’s hands appeared. It was as if a decade of wear and tear had been removed from them.

Now, when Clarissa is painting she finds herself still staring at her hands-but for a different reason. She can’t help but admiring how young her hands look. Even her friends are impressed by the results, and several of them have made similar appointments with Dr. Krikorian.