Hiding and Masking Your Features Doesn’t Have to Be a Negative

Hiding and Masking Your Features Doesn’t Have to Be a Negative

No one should ever feel as though they need to hide a part of themselves – we should all feel beautiful and happy in our skin. Unfortunately, as is the case so often, life just isn’t fair. When you decide something needs to change, the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre are here to offer you a variety of treatment options for the solving of your problems.

Tattoo Removal

Whilst you can admit that it was your silly decision to get a tattoo, full knowing that it was meant to be permanent and you would have it forever, everyone makes mistakes. To hold it against someone is just not right – but unfortunately visible tattoos are still somewhat of a stigma in our society. Fortunately, the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre offer specialist treatment options for the removal of tattoos using the latest and greatest in laser technology. Utilising Astanza Revolution technology, Dr. Krikorian and his staff are able to formulate a personal and customized treatment based on the unique features of your tattoo in order to remove it to the fullest possibility, with great results.

Varicose Veins

Whilst tattoos are your own fault to admit, varicose and spider veins are often an unfortunate by-product of the genetic material you have inherited from your family. When the valves in the lower extremities begin to fail, the blood previously being pumped through your body begins to pull in your veins, causing them to bulge out as unsightly lumps and squiggly lines in the form of varicose veins. The St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre offer a variety of treatments for problem veins, including ultrasound guide sclerotherapy, ambulatory phlebectomy and the patented VeinGogh treatment.

Hand Rejuvenation

No one likes getting old, but it is an unfortunate and necessary evil. Whilst some of us seem to age slower than others, either by virtue of luck or good and healthy living, in the end age always catches up. Certain signs and physical symptoms of aging can affect any part of your body, but one part that seems to experience a good brunt of the load is the hands. Partly due to the extended exposure to life, our hands will begin to almost season as we age, showing up with darkened age spots and a general loss of fatty tissue. Use a combination of different treatments, the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre are able to provide effective hand rejuvenation treatment to effectively turn back the hands of time.

Whilst everyone should show off their features with pride and a sense of worth, nothing should stop them seeking treatment for features they do not want or like. Dr. Krikorian and his staff are able to offer a range of safe and effective treatment options for your aesthetic requirements, in its state of the art St. Louis clinic. Organise a consultation today to see how Dr. Krikorian can demonstrate his long medical experience for you.