Looking Good with Help from Science

Looking Good with Help from Science

Looking good takes hard work. Not just simple hard work like carrying bricks or cleaning a house, but hard, mentally taxing work that can be exhaustive. Going to the gym and pounding away at weights is painful and tiring. Going for extended jogging sessions for cardiovascular health and weight loss is exhausting and mentally challenging. Eating healthy or refraining from eating when you are hungry can be painful and uncomfortable. But we do these things in order to look good, and feel good.

Whilst there are no quick fixes for some aspects of looking aesthetically good, such as muscular form and weight, there are fortunately a few areas where we can utilise science and technology in order to look our best. Utilising the latest in technology and at the cutting edge of expertise, the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre in St. Louis provide a variety of different procedures that will allow you to look as beautiful as you feel inside. Whether it is vein treatment or skin treatments, Dr. Krikorian, the lead surgeon at the centre, is able to provide the best care in a personal and safe manner, using his quarter century of medical experience.

Some of the procedures available at the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre include:

Varicose and Spider Vein Treatments

When the valves that move the blood through our body begin to age and seize up, they allow blood to pool and create the unsightly bulging of veins known as varicose veins. Utilising specialist treatments such as sclerotherapy, endovenous laser ablation, radiofrequency ablation and more, Dr. Krikorian and his team are able to offer a safe and efficient procedure suited perfectly to your specific requirements, allowing your skin to show smooth and vein free with very little down time.

Dermal Fillers

When we can send mankind into space, there is no reason to stand by and live with wrinkles on your face – and the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre can easily provide solutions to help you rid yourself of wrinkles. Dermal fillers are a unique microsphere used through injection into various areas of your skin in order to active the generation of collagen and remove wrinkles. Dr. Krikorian has many years of experience with dermal fillers, one of the most important aspects of successful treatment.

Dysport and Botox

A real quick fix for wrinkles and fine lines, botox, dysport and other related treatments have often been called a ‘knife-free facelift’, and if you ever look at before and after photos it is pretty clear that is an accurate observation. By injecting a tiny dose of the drug into specific and targeted areas, the muscle is sent signals to relax, preventing it from contracting and allowing wrinkles to fade away and the shape to return.

Dr. Krikorian is a renowned cardiologist and doctor with many years of experience, but his real drive is the successful applications of the services offered at the St. Louis Vein & Endovascular Centre in order to satisfy his patients.