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What to expect at your initial vein screening.

Each patient’s condition is unique. For this reason, we offer a complimentary vein screening. When you come for your first visit, we’ll review your history and perform a complete and thorough evaluation of your legs, to determine the presence of vein disease. If necessary, an ultrasound examination will be scheduled to identify the underlying cause of your problem, and help define the optimum treatment protocol customized specifically for your situation.

The following is reviewed during the initial complimentary vein screening*:

  • Medical history
  • Visual examination of your legs
  • Recommendation for Venous Ultrasound* (if needed)
  • Review of diagnosis
  • Treatment options

* Venous Ultrasound Diagnostic Testing is considered a separate diagnostic test, and will be billed to your insurance.

Pre-Procedural Care

What to expect before your procedure
Before your procedure Dr. Krikorian will provide you with detailed guide to how to prepare for your treatment. Please click on the links below to find pre-procedure care for different treatments.

Post Operative Care

What to expect after your procedure.
Unlike traditional surgical procedures, which requires weeks for recovery, our state-of-the-art vein treatments only require a few days of light activity. After your procedure, Dr. Krikorian will provide you with a detailed guide to your post-operative care. Please click on the links for more info.