Stop Feeling ‘Restless’ About Your Varicose Veins

Carrie’s legs had a mind of their own at night.  As she tried to drift into sleep, she had an overwhelming, uncontrollable urge to continually move her legs, and often it was so bad she actually had to out of bed and walk around, which sometimes, but not always, brought her some relief.  Many nights she was awakened by a sense of something crawling up her limbs, or an aching or tingling feeling.  It was absolutely driving her crazy, and she was exhausted during the day because these constant unpleasant symptoms were disrupting her sleep.  She researched her symptoms on the internet, and discovered she had “Restless Leg Syndrome.”  What she didn’t know was why.


Carrie sought help from Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis, who concurred with her self-diagnosis.  After ruling out various causes for her disorder, he discovered she had varicose veins on her legs, and attributed this as to why she was suffering these horrible nighttime sensations and the urgency to move.  Carrie had noticed the varicose veins, but wasn’t concerned about them  because she wasn’t one to wear shorts or skirts, and was most comfortable in slacks.  she never considered that the unsightly veins were causing her uncomfortable symptoms, but was quite relieved to know that she could do something to relieve her suffering.


Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis Can Kick Your Urge to Kick


During Carrie’s consultation with Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis, she learned that varicose veins are not only unattractive, but can also be the cause of several medical problems, such as her Restless Leg Syndrome.   After performing a complete examination of her veins, and performing an ultrasound to determine if she was a strong candidate for the removal of her blue, rope-looking veins, he recommended she have her varicose veins removed using a procedure called Radiofrequency Ablation, assuring her that this would relieve the creepy crawly feelings she experienced every night, and would soon start sleeping much better.


How Radiofrequency Ablation Works


Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis immediately made Carrie feel comfortable by reassuring her that the procedure consisted of simply using heat to close off her affected veins.  On the day of her treatment, Carrie was given just a local anesthetic.  Dr. Krikorian then inserted a catheter into her affected veins using an ultrasound as his guide, and then released bursts of radiofrequency energy into the bulging veins, shutting them down and eliminating them.  There was very little to no pain, and the only thing Carrie had to do after the procedure was  a lot of walking and wear  compression stockings for a short time as her legs healed.  The entire process was easier, and faster, then she thought possible.


Soon Carrie’s legs began sleeping as peacefully as she did every night.  She was astounded by the increased energy she had during the day now, as a result of getting a good night’s sleep without those unpleasant kicking interruptions.  And she received an unexpected bonus after her procedure — Carrie’s legs looked so great she had the urge to start wearing shorts and skirts everyday!