Telo What? The New Science behind the Aging Process


As is the case with everything, age breaks our bodies down. Our joints weaken, our organs begin to chug along, our skin stretches, sags and blotches and our mind begins to run like an old dusty computer. Unfortunately for us, it’s not just the obvious parts of our body that begin to demonstrate signs of our advanced age. In fact, some of the most problematic damage happens to occur to parts of our body that are microscopically small, only able to be viewed under very powerful microscopy equipment. Amongst these issues, telomere degradation has been linked to a large range of different health problems related to the aging process, with ongoing research discovering more evidence daily. An exciting new field of medical treatment focuses on aiding the processes surround telomeres through good diet, proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles.


A telomere is the region of sequences at the end of the chromosomal legs, the chromatids. Derived from the Greek telos, meaning end, and meros, meaning par, the telomere exist on the tips of chromosomes almost like shoes, protecting the extremities from deterioration and from fusing with other nearby chromosomes. Unfortunately, the process of duplication that occurs in cell division is not without problems – during chromosome replication, the enzymes that duplicate DNA cannot continue all the way down to the telomeres, causing the chromosomal legs to shorten over time.


At the St. Louis Medical Weight Lossaging process consultancy clinic, the experienced staff led by Dr. Krikorian is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of knowledge and new technology in the medical field. The recent studies completed on telomeres opens up many avenues for exploring the revitalisation of the protective chromosomal ends and the staff at St. Louis Medical Weight Loss is able to provide a wide range of different treatment options that encourage healthy telomerase, the duplication process, and therefore reducing the extent of telomere shortening due to aging. Whilst selective treatments for strengthening the telomerase process are still far off, having been only recently demonstrated successfully in laboratory mice, there are other ways we are able to help this process run smoothly. Treatment to stimulate the healthy process of telomerase fortunately falls into the similar category of a standard healthy lifestyle – healthy diet incorporating proper and complete nutrition, and healthy and active lifestyle choices.


Research has demonstrated that the treatment of lab mice with a telomerase improving formula is able to increase lifespan by a significant 24%, as well as increase physical, mental and cognitive abilities with obvious results. Whilst the next stage in human testing, and further afield readily accessible treatment, is still a far way off, you are easily able to improve the healthy duplication of chromosomes through telomerase with a few simple lifestyle changes. The staff at St. Louis Medical Weight Loss can offer structured and personalised programs that will support you through your lifestyle transformation at a pace you are comfortable with. They understand that everyone has different goals and abilities, and work hard to help every patient achieve their desired end result. Make an appointment today and learn why the St. Louis Medical Weight Loss clinic has so many happy graduates from their various programs.