The First in the Family to Get Rid of Problem Veins

varicose veins

Jenna always remembered her grandma’s veiny legs. Her parents worked a lot and so she often ended up being in the company of her grandparents for days and nights. Grandma and grandpa were pretty old, which meant they were hard of hearing and a bit out of touch. Most nights were spent in front of the television watching sport (when he grandpa was in charge), bad soapies (when her grandma was in charge), or whatever was left on when both her grandparents fell asleep. One of her strongest memories of those days was sitting in front of her grandparents’ legs and tracing the outlines of the big blue puffy lines going up and down their legs, like rivers and tributaries on a map. Jenna didn’t realise it at the time, but this early memory was a sign that she would eventually be visiting the St. Louis Vein & Endovasculars Center for her own varicose vein problems.

As Jenna became older, and her grandparents passed away, the memories of the puffy veins disappeared from her thoughts. It was not until she accompanied her mother to a swimming class many years later that the memory returned to her. As her mother got out of the pool, Jenna was suddenly rocked back to the days of sitting with her grandparents.

‘What’s wrong with your legs mum!?’ Jenna exclaimed with concern and curiosity. Though slightly taken aback by her daughter’s typical childlike exclamation, Jenna’s mother began to explain what varicose veins were.

Once again, as Jenna got older she forgot about the veins on her mother’s legs; as she aged in years there were more pressing concerns for her – college, marriage, and children. It wasn’t until she turned 35 that the blue rivers began to emerge on her legs, to her shock and horror. This time, she knew what was going on – memories of her mother’s explanations flooded back in, and she immediately hopped onto the internet to research how to get rid of the varicose veins.

After learning about the different options for treatment, Jenna made an appointment at the St. Louis Vein & Endovasculars Center. Dr. Krikorian, a leading cardiologist in the St. Louis area with over a decade of experience, explained the treatment options, risks and down time to her – not wanting to suffer the same embarrassment every time she showed her legs that her mum experienced, Jenna decided that sclerotherapy would be the best solution for her vein issues.

Sclerotherapy is a procedure often used to treat Varicose and spider veins. A specialised irritant, known as a sclerosant, is injected into the problem vein using a small gauge needle. The irritant causes the target to shrink away and, eventually, is absorbed entirely by the patient’s body. Dr. Krikorian is extremely experienced with these kinds of procedures, and is the head clinician at the New Look vein and Aesthetics Center.

Preparing herself mentally, Jenna visited the St. Louis Vein & Endovasculars Center in St. Louis on the day of her operation. With Dr. Krikorian’s experience and professionalism, the procedure was quickly over, and the down time minimal. Jenna, like many others who