Varicose Veins Are More Than Just Ugly

Varicose Veins Are More Than Just Ugly


The first thing many people conjure in their minds when hearing ‘varicose veins’ is grandmothers with  bulging bluish veins popping out of their legs – yikes!  A common assumption perhaps, but the truth is anyone can become a victim of this problem, even men.  Typically viewed as an unsightly cosmetic issue, many people don’t realize untreated varicose veins are a very serious health hazard.  Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis, who treats this condition as both cosmetic and medical, urges patients to have any varicose veins evaluated immediately.


Varicose veins are definitely unattractive – swollen, blue or purple, creating a three dimensional map of twisted, jagged roads – cause sufferers to shun shorts and skirts and be forever beholden to long pants.  That’s no way to live, of course, but more importantly, simply covering up these ugly veins could be covering up a serious health problem.  Varicose veins occur when one-way valves inside veins that move blood toward the heart, become weakened, or damaged.  This causes blood to back up in the vein and start to pool, which results in swelling.  This is what gives varicose veins that bulging, raised appearance.  When blood pools in a vein that runs close to the skin, it can sometimes lead to a clot.  These clots are not very serious, though are painful.  Other clots, however, can move to a deeper vein, which is known as Deep Vein Thrombosis.  If this kind of clot becomes loose and travels to the lungs, it can cause a pulmonary embolism, which often can be fatal.   Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis offers several treatments for potentially dangerous veins.


The stereotype of only little old ladies having varicose veins is false.  Although increasing age does strengthen a person’s chances, heredity is also a factor, as is pregnancy.  People who frequent careers that force them to constantly stand, such as nurses, bartenders, retail salespeople and waitresses, also have a high risk.  However, those who sit down a great deal of the time without getting up to move around, are also at a greater risk, as are people who are overweight.  Extra weight puts extra pressure on veins.


Symptoms That Should Send You Quickly Running To Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis


Varicose veins can also be a warning sign to a quite serious vein condition called venous disease, or venous insufficiency.   Sometimes varicose veins will start to seriously swell, and cause a patient extreme pain.  Over a period of untreated time, these veins can cause hyperpigmentation, which is a darkening of the skin on the legs.  Also, itching or a burning feeling may occur, as well as cramping, which can be a warning of a blood clot.


Although vanity may be one of the most popular reasons to inquire about varicose vein removal treatments with Dr. Krikorian of St. Louis, your health should be the priority.  If varicose veins start to appear on your legs, be aware that no matter how ugly, they pose a much uglier risk – serious health problems.