You Don’t Have to Live with Achy, Restless Legs


Shortly after having her second child, Marie noticed a dull aching in her legs. It often got worse when she tried to sleep, giving her the sensation that her legs were heavy. With two young children, Marie’s sleep was often interrupted. This meant that those few hours of rest she could get were precious to her. However, she found it hard to sleep, with this constant pain and sensation that she needed to move.

For the most part, Marie ignored it, not wanting to worry her husband and too busy caring for her young children. However, one day, her husband remarked, ‘Dear, your ankles look swollen, are you okay?’ She confessed that her legs had been bothering her for sometime and her husband insisted she go to the doctor.


What Was the Cause?


Marie had assumed that her problem was nerve related. Perhaps she had a pinched nerve or had pulled a muscle. The explanation her doctor gave, however, was one she would not have guessed.

‘The cause was likely varicose veins,’ her doctor explained. ‘These are veins which do not allow the blood to flow properly, and so blood often ends up being pulled by gravity down to the feet. It is not an uncommon problem, and often happens to women after childbirth.’ After this revelation, Marie’s doctor gave her a referral for one of the best vein doctors in the St. Louis area, Dr. Krikorian.


The Consultation

At her consultation, Dr. Krikorian examined Marie’s varicose veins. He determined that her varicose veins were embedded deep within her legs. To get a better look, he ordered an ultra sound to determine the severity of her varicose veins. After viewing the ultra sound, Dr. Krikorian tailored a treatment program just for Marie.


A Painless Way to Remove Pain


Dr. Krikorian decided that the best way to solve Marie’s aching and restless legs was to perform an endovenous laser ablation (EVLT). This procedure has a 98% success rate, and Marie became one of those 98%. Dr. Krikorian used an ultra sound to help guide him to the correct veins, where he used a laser to seal them off. The now sealed off varicose veins would eventually be absorbed into Marie’s body. After the hour long procedure, Marie was able to go home, with orders to walk often to help her body heal.


Does It Work?

After the procedure, Marie noticed a remarkable difference in her legs. She was able to stand and sit for long periods of time without feeling a dull ache. Her ankles no longer swelled, allowing her socks and shoes to fit comfortable again. At night, her legs didn’t keep her awake at night with an achy, restless feeling. Marie couldn’t believe she had waited so long to get treated. She was finally able to rest comfortably and enjoy the day without dedicating a large amount of energy to ignoring the pain in her legs.